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If you’re in the real estate market, then our number should be on your speed dial. Whether you’re buying or selling or simply want an objective opinion, All-Around Properties Inc has the thorough inspection services you need to get the facts about your property.

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Make smart decisions with our expert inspection services.

At All-Around Properties Inc, we’re proud to be a trusted name in the Edmonton real estate market. Providing a full suite of property inspection services to owners, buyers, sellers, agents, and more, our knowledge and commitment to excellence makes us the area’s premier inspection provider.

I have over 15 years of construction experience under my belt. From remodels to new construction. I feel my experience not only as an inspector but as a contractor gives me an edge on the competition.

I try to educate the home buyers and explain to them not only the problem areas that are found during the inspection, but also the good aspects of the home. This gives them confidence about their purchase and a piece of mind.

We will not only inspect the property your buying, but we’ll share with you what needs to be maintained and why. You’ll get a real lesson on your new property and what it will take to keep it up over time.

Many home owners live in houses that have unknown issues. Getting a home inspection and finding these issues before buying puts you in a better place to deal with these issues before closing.

Since September 1, 2011 Home Inspectors in the province of Alberta have been required to comply with specific licensing requirements. As a part of complying with these requirements, All-Around Properties Inc is a member in good standing with, the Alberta Chapter of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), one of the largest associations of Home Inspectors in the world, All-Around Properties Inc. perform inspections in compliance to the InterNACHI Standards of Practice. All-Around Properties Inc. also complies with the InterNACHI Code of Ethics.

To view a sample inspection report or learn more about our Edmonton inspection services, give All-Around Properties Inc a call at 780-221-5272.

We are InterNACHI and AlbertaACHI certified at All-Around Properties Inc.

Our Services

Real Estate Inspection Services

Offer a complete range of residential, acreage and farm building inspections to insure you make your purchase with complete confidence and peace of mind, we provide you with the most comprehensive professional and unbiased inspections report that’s presented in simplified format so you can make the best decision possible for your family.

Exterior: the inspection of the homes exterior we will check the areas surrounding the home. Driveways sidewalks. Porches decks and patios

Structure: structural components including the foundations and walls of the home as well as the other outer features like doors windows and steps the inspection of the exterior structure may uncover cracks in the foundation rotted joists leaking pipes or missing damaged siding.

Roofing: we will inspect the roofing material. The roofs drainage systems the chimney the skylights and any other penetrations. This will uncover any worn-out shingles damaged flashing improperly installed boots etc.

Plumbing: we check for leaking or corroded pipes incorrect installations. Drain Systems. Water supply systems. Hot water heater type and condition.

Electrical: from overheated wires to double tapped breakers in your panel our in depth electrical inspection evaluates the interior of service panels to insure proper breaker size proper grounding and installation. We check every breaker and receptacle individually to insure proper siring and safety.

Cooling and heating: we look at the cooling systems type age condition and function we take temp readings to judge how well it is functioning and can give an estimate on life expectancy. We also inspect duct work for damage leaks and cleanliness.

Ventilation: we will examine the home insulation and mechanical or passive ventilation. We look for signs o moisture in the attic or crawl spaces. This can uncover improper venting loose or mission insulation, covered soffit vents, mechanical vents that don’t function and need to be replaced.

Interior: the inspection of the interior covers any visible signs of water damage such as stains to the walls ceilings or floors. Any cracking in the sheetrock or wall coverings proper function of doors windows etc.

Appliances we will also check your major appliances for proper function. This includers dishwasher range microwave refrigerator washer and dryer and smoke and Co2 Alarms.

Buying a property is no small matter. That’s why it’s highly recommended to have a pre-purchase inspection completed before you make a final decision. Detailed All-Around Properties Inc pre-purchase inspections will help you identify existing issues as well as potential renovation and upgrade costs you may face after the purchase.

For most pre-purchase inspections, one of our experts will visit your location and visually investigate the property from top to bottom, including structural concerns, roofing assessment, HVAC system testing, water flow, and many other important factors. After the inspection is complete, you’ll receive a full All-Around Properties Inc report about our findings.

In the excitement of purchasing a property, it’s easy for many people to look past flaws that a home or commercial location may have. At All-Around Properties Inc, our job is to give an objective opinion about what we see as the building’s strengths and weaknesses. In this manner, our pre-purchase inspections are an excellent way to get an unbiased, third party perspective.

Don’t buy a property without knowing the facts. Call All-Around Properties Inc at 780-221-5272 to discuss our affordable pre-purchase inspections.

While living in a home, you may have ignored small problems and improvement opportunities. However, when it comes time to sell, you can rest assured that future buyers will be on the lookout for any and every issue they can find. Instead of discovering a nasty surprise at the last minute, a pre-listing inspection from All-Around Properties Inc will deliver a detailed report about your home’s current condition.

One of the big advantages of a All-Around Properties Inc pre-listing inspection is that it allows you as the owner to make repairs before going through the selling process. This not only makes your property more attractive from the outset – it also negates contentious issues that buyers or agents may try to use to lower your selling price.

All-Around Properties Inc is an independent provider of pre-listing inspections in Edmonton. Essentially, what that means is that when we’re called to do an inspection for a property owner, our job is to be as objective as possible and provide a thorough analysis about the home’s safety, structure, and function and using our many years of expertise.

A quality pre-listing inspection could increase your selling price dramatically. Dial 780-221-5272 to schedule your home inspection with All-Around Properties Inc.

There are many talented constructors in the Edmonton area, but that doesn’t mean you should ever skip a New Home Inspection by All-Around Properties Inc. When building a new property, many owners are eager to reach the finish line and start using the space right away. However, failing to notice problems before the final walk-through with the builder can be a major mistake.

An All-Around Properties Inc New Home Inspection is a way for you as the owner to verify that everything has been completed by the constructor as specified and that there are no obvious problems with the build. As your partner, our team will go through the home with a fine tooth comb, searching for unfinished areas, cut corners, and other issues that could hamper your use of the building.

In addition to giving an objective opinion about the structure and build quality, All-Around Properties Inc will also look for the little details that make a property “move-in ready,” such as connected gas, electric, and water utilities. With our New Home Inspection, you’ll have the peace of mind needed to sign off on your new construction.

For high quality New Home Inspections in Edmonton, All-Around Properties Inc can help. Give us a call today at 780-221-5272!

Although their actual space may be smaller than many homes, completing a condo inspection in Edmonton can be tricky because of the many shared elements. At All-Around Properties Inc, we’re well aware of how these individual elements come together to form a multi-unit building and our condo inspections present a holistic view of the particular unit in question.

All All-Around Properties Inc condo inspections in Edmonton will start with an evaluation of the unit’s interior, including painting and other finishes, HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical, doors, and windows. From there, we’ll investigate common areas where accessible and visually check structure, roofing, and a number of other factors.

Edmonton condo inspections by All-Around Properties Inc are available for both buyers and sellers. In the case of both, we offer an objective review of the condo’s current state, bringing an objective, unbiased perspective to the table. For buyers, this service helps to discover potential problems and for sellers, our inspections will let you identify and fix trouble areas that could lower your selling price.

For a condo inspection in Edmonton completed by professionals, dial 780-221-5272 to speak to a All-Around Properties Inc representative.

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All-Around Properties Inc performs accurate and intricate real estate inspections in Edmonton and the surrounding area.

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